Stroller Warriors is a 10,000-strong running club for military families

Stroller Warriors is a 10,000-strong running club for military families

Club at installations worldwide helps military spouses through fitness, friendship, fundraising and beyond.

“Families that are happier and healthier make the military more successful in the long run,” Geraghty says.

Geraghty’s lifelong love of running led her to help military families connect through fitness and friendship, often when they are living far from their families and friends.

“When you’re enduring all this and your family is far away, to have a positive group can help improve your quality of life,” says Geraghty, 35. She and her husband, Master Sgt. Brian Geraghty, moved last summer with their three children to Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado.

Since its inception six years ago at Camp Lejeune, Stroller Warriors has expanded to over 10,000 members and now has 28 chapters at military installations all over the world. The group is accessible to and inclusive of everyone, including men, veterans and civilians.

Stroller Warriors workouts generally are held twice weekly within a 20-minute drive of a military base’s main gate. To keep the atmosphere safe for all ages and ability levels, workouts take place on paved, off-road trails, ideally with a playground nearby for afterward, Geraghty says. After greetings and announcements, members complete a timed workout that allows everyone to stay on the trail together regardless of pace. Children can — and do — often take part alongside parents.

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